Here we are five days into summer and it is 92 degrees outside. For the last number of weeks it has been cool and wet. I have been asking, “When will the sun appear?” Today I am asking, “What happened to that beautiful, cool, wet weather we were having?” Am I fickle or what? The truth is I will take cool and wet over hot every time, but something in between is perfect. Something I do like about summer in the Pacific Northwest is that it generally cools off in the evenings and, “spur of the moment,” activities are best. Last night, just as evening was turning to night, Teagan, Latah, and I decided to walk the Northwest Park trail that follows the White Salmon River where the lake once stood before Condit Dam was removed. What an enjoyable evening it turned out to be.

Ocean Spray


Sweet Pea

Today Teagan flies to the east coast to spend the summer, so it was great having a pleasant summer walk with her. Latah will be with us for another couple of weeks before she goes east as well.

The last weeks of Spring were low key, relaxing, pleasant days this year. I had fallen behind on keeping ahead of things over winter and spent my time on odd jobs trying to catch up. I have made gains but there is still much to do. Many of the things I do are time consuming but go unnoticed so there is the impression that I have nothing to do all day. I don’t function to get noticed. I function to keep normal living, normal. Mending, cleaning, and constant cooking of meals. I spent a lot of time in May cutting brush, opening trails in the woods that had grown over and removing dead material along those trails to make them more pleasant to walk along. I love working outside, so in house projects have been neglected. Following are a few snapshots of recent life in my world.

Gathering morels was great this year. Also the woods grew abundant ghost plants which at one time were rare around here.

There were lots of tiny circular mushroom type things growing that I use to see rarely as well. The woods are changing.

Latah has taken to climbing trees lately for some reason. Taylor is enjoying his new ride. He is back to river guiding again this season.

Latah’s friend Lark and her family invited Latah to attend the Renaissance Faire held in Canby, Oregon. They provided her with a period costume to wear. Also, Lark drew and water colored a portrait of Latah which is amazing as Lark is only 12 years old.

Jason’s gang had a wonderful trip to the Grand Canyon and beyond which I mentioned in an earlier blog. The very areas they visited in Utah are now experiencing flash floods and extensive damage. Hopefully other travelers are safe and not trapped due to washed out roads.

Jason’s middle name
Jeannette, Sophie, and Sam

Heather’s mom and sister came for a visit. Teagan and Latah were so excited to see Mimi and Christy. I was pleased to see them as well.

Jan Doyle: Mimi to Teagan and Latah
Christy and Heather
Teagan, in black, attend prom.
I text Sam a silly message for his 14th birthday in May.
Sophie celebrated her 17th birthday in March.

As I have often stated, I tend to live my life these day through my family. That’s okay as there is no where I would rather be. Life is short and our time is limited. Don’t waste life on trivial pursuits. I am looking forward to what summer 2024 has to offer.