On July 2nd Teagan Honor Lindseth was confirmed at St Joseph’s of White Salmon by Bishop Tyson of Yakima Diocese; to announce the event formally. As usual, Teagan was beautiful and filled with joy. Uncle Jason is her sponsor and so he and his family stayed with us for a few days. We had an enjoyable weekend all around. Confirmation was followed by a reception and an opportunity to take photos. Taylor then treated us all to dinner at Murphy’s Family Restaurant in Bingen. Thank you Tay!

In a few years Latah will be confirmed then all of my grandchildren will have received that wonderful Sacrament.

July 8th my delightful niece Teresa turned 60 so her family prepared a, ‘picnic in the park,’ celebration for her. Sophie and I jumped in my truck and head to Coeur d’ Alene, ID to attend the party. We had a great time with Teresa and her family.

We spent the first night of our trip at the Emperor Motel in Ritzville, WA where the cost of a motel is half as expensive as motels in Coeur d’ Alene, which is a tourist destination and expensive. The following night we did stay in Coeur d’ Alene. Our Ritzville motel was much nicer but the second one had a swimming pool. The day of the party we stopped at Safeway and found we had time to kill before the picnic so played Cribbage outside the store. I was in the stink hole but Sophie had first play and beat me. Rats !!

Happy 60th Birthday, Teresa !

Teresa’s brother Jaime
Her sister’s Ronda and Sheila
Jaime’s wife Cynthia and granddaughter
Teresa with her friend and walking buddy, Rod.
Me, Sophie, and Teresa
In the evening Sophie and I visited Teresa to see her beautiful room and to give her gifts.
Sophie’s gift was a ceramic she had made and presented to Teresa as an art project Teresa can paint herself.
A very happy Birthday Girl !!