Here we are into Lent 2024. I suspect most people know what Lent is by now. I think there is confusion as to what “Fasting,” during Lent is all about. A lot of people think of fasting as eating less and abstaining from eating meat on certain days, and it is. There is so much more to it, however. In today‚Äôs Christian community, there are many forms of fasting that hold a deeper meaning than abstaining from meat may have. Many people vow to fast from negative thoughts, gossiping, social media, binging shows on streaming sites, alcohol, and much more. New traditions also include adding things to your life for this six-week season, such as setting aside time to meditate and pray each day, visiting shut-ins, and doing service. One goal I have set for myself this season is to read the Book of Revelation. I read a lot and just finished a second book about Gertrude Bell, her life, and the politics behind developing the countries in the middle east after world war one. Both books are very interesting, but spending some time reading the Bible is a refreshing change.

I am negligent at picking up the Bible and reading it. I start mornings with the daily readings but use my computer instead of actually picking up the book. I don’t know why as I like the feel of a book in my hands. Reading, “Revelation,” I am using the Bible book.

I have always been a family oriented person. Now that I am in the old age period of my life I am even more so. I enjoy the activities of the people in my life. I recently spent time at Pebble Creek. Those people are busy. My 13 year old grandson, Sam, is now a head taller than I am. He built, for me, a salt-lick out of scrap lumber he found laying around. I now have it installed in my yard at the tree line where the deer come looking for salt. For himself he assembled a gaming computer using some of his 4-H money for components.

My tree-line is becoming congested. Teach is checking out the latest addition. I saw a deer checking out the salt-lick but she left before I could find my phone to get a photo.

I am proud of Sam building his computer as the project was entirely left for him to do on his own from research to assembly. Sam attend a middle school masquerade dance awhile back. I get a kick out of the different sizes of kids at that age.

When Sophie isn’t off dancing, she has been busy helping her dad lay new flooring in her bedroom. Those two are always up to some project or another, working together.

Teagan and Latah keep themselves busy as well. Basketball season is over for Teagan now. The girls had a great season, undefeated. I attend her last game of the season. Just as Teagan snagged the ball, the end of the game whistle blew. She is a scrapper. Teagan now spends time skiing at Mt Hood Meadows every chance she gets. She has a season pass and uses it, generally going with friends and occasionally with her mom and Latah.

I have no photos of Teagan skiing.

Latah is very social spending time on sleep overs with friends. Her friend Geneva had a sleep over at my house last week. They are creative girls. At one point they moved the furniture in the reading room upstairs for some kind of practice they were doing. Latah is at the age where she changes the color of her hair from time to time. Teagan went through that not long ago. Latah also is learning how to make chocolate covered fruit at home. She sent a photo my way.

Geneva and Latah
Chocolate strawberries
Most recent: Latah’s natural color is medium brown.

As for me another snow storm came through last week so I have been confined to the house. I took the truck out of the garage Sunday for the first time in a week. I am keeping busy doing house repairs. One bulb, of a group over the bathroom mirrors, burned out. I lucked out as I had one good bulb left. One night the furnace quit because the fuel filter needed changing. I lucked out again as I had one filter left. Haha, so it has been going.

We had a strange mixture of temperatures with the trees sloughing off their loads during the time it was snowing. The snow this time around was very weird clinging strangely off the deck rails. Taylor took another unusual photo that took me awhile to figure out. Also, I made a batch of fudge for us to enjoy on Fat Tuesday .

In closing, make Lent worth while this year. Don’t waste this special time of badly needed blessings in a world turned upside down.