Mother’s Day with Taylor can be lots of fun. Often on Mother’s Day a son will buy his mom flowers or take her to a fancy restaurant for a scrumptious meal. With Taylor, not so. He said to me, “Mom, follow us.” Away we went; Tay, Teagan, Latah, and Heather in Heather’s truck. The two dogs, Moana and Annie, with me in my truck. We were off on a Mother’s Day adventure in the outback of the Cascade Mountains, to one of Taylor’s secret places, for a picnic. The weather was beautiful and we were all in good sprits.

A big part of the adventure was getting there.

We arrived and were soon set up. Let the festivities begin.

I very much enjoyed Mother’s Day with family at such an pristine spot, which we had all to ourselves. The week prior to Mother’s Day Heather’s mom Jan arrived from Vermont with Heather’s sister Christy who lives in Boston. I haven’t many photos but Teagan and Latah were very excited and I was pleased to spend a bit of time with them. One day they kindly treated me to lunch with them at Everybody’s Brew in White Salmon. We were pleased they were able to come spend time here.

Christy and Heather

About the time Jan and Christy arrived to visit Heather and the girls Jason’s long time friend, Norbert and his son Able, arrived from The Netherlands to spend a week with their American family and friends. Norbert was a high school exchange student in White Salmon in Jason’s class. One beautiful, sunny, day a group of us met at Dennis’, visiting in the driveway. Able doesn’t speak english but seemed to enjoy himself anyway.

Timing was not good for Norbert’s visit as he and Able arrived just about the time Jason’s gang were leaving for a two week tour of the Grand Canyon and numerous Utah national parks. They did get to spend some time together however.

Two other events took place about that same time. Teagan attend prom at Trout Lake and Taylor took several great photos of the Northern Lights as he saw them from Trout Lake.

Teagan in the center
Jade and Teagan, wearing black
Party time

As for Jason’s gang, they left to check out grand landscapes, leaving their worries behind.