Moving On

Here we are with Christmas behind us. I generally leave my tree up until Epiphany but this year that didn’t happen. Three days after Christmas my cat, Teach, decided to take the tree down herself. The other cat, Wolina, was very interested in the event and decided to check it out. All other holiday decorations did stay up until Epiphany, however. Since then my life has been somewhat sedate. I put together a puzzle Jeannette gifted to me. The puzzle has a scene from Turkey, which is fitting as I have recently been reading books about the political history of the middle east since WWI and forward. These books explained how the countries of that area have formed since the Great War and Turkey is a big part of that. The puzzle was a fun one to do and a gratifying diversion from reading.

The worst part of doing any puzzle, In my opinion, is sorting the pieces before starting.

I always start a puzzle with the end pieces. I had a friend who always started with the center.

I do not do puzzles of thousands of pieces as some of my family and friends do. My puzzle was 550 pieces only.

Jason and Jeannette have engaged in more active pursuits than my own. They attend a formal , gala, celebration of some kind to celebrate the entry of the new year.


Apparently, as the evening wore on, the formality of the event started to dissipate.

The week after Christmas Taylor and Teagan head out for a motorcycle ride. Today the weather is different and they would not do so. The little guy Sammy made for me with his 3D printer removed his Santa hat and prepared himself for the up coming Presidents Day. He is a bit premature but couldn’t wait to wear his new hat and bowtie. Taylor and Teagan both have birthdays early January so we had one celebration, our traditional crab and beef steak dinner. Happy Birthday Teagan and Tay. Their birthday’s are four days apart. Our celebration was informal from the get go. Latah did the honors of presenting the birthday dessert. Nice job Latah.

Happy Birthday Teagan and Taylor, may 2024 be your best year ever !!

Sam made a salt lick for the deer in my woods. I can’t wait to see it for real. He sent a photo. Thank you Sam. That will help my salt block keep from washing away with all this rain we have had lately. The cats and I walk in the woods nearly every day, although they refused to go yesterday because it was nasty and icy out. They love checking out the tree House. Teach, being older and wiser, is cautious. Wolina, the younger, just goes for it. Also, she climbs trees along the way so gets behind during the walks. When she realizes, she speeds past us and then waits for us to catch up.