How quickly Christmas came and went this year. As usual the church was decorated beautifully. With Christmas the day after Sunday we were able to attend Mass upon Mass. Spirits were high and my family held a number of celebrations in order to get everyone together before Teagan and Latah left for the east coast to be with family over there. Teagan, Latah, and I spent three days at Pebble Creek with Jason’t gang. Heather arranged a gathering at Dennis’ place. Teagan and Latah left for Boston Christmas morning and later that day the Lindseth’s arrived to spend a few days at my place.

Always there has to be one guy who puts food on his teeth to be funny ! Christmas dinner at Jason’s

We had lots of low key fun at Pebble Creek. The weather was wet, breezy, and nasty so we stayed indoors. The cousins exchanged gifts and Jeannette kept the food delicious and plentiful. It was enjoyable hearing the kids laughing all over house. Soon we were home again attending Saturday evening Mass.

St Joseph’s was decorated beautifully for Christmas Masses as it always is.

Christmas day dinner was held at my house. I prepared Tiramisu for desert after which we opened gifts. Jason’s gang stayed on until Wednesday so we were able to spend time playing cards and so forth. I am happy with my tree as I usually build one out of thinnings from the woods. That’s getting harder to do because the trees are either to big or too small. I finally found two scrawny thinnings that would work. In the past I have used up to seven to get a descent tree.

Of course the highlight of my Christmas is seeing that my grandkids are well and happy.

On a Different Note:

Jason recently made a beautiful computer table for himself

At this point still a work in progress.

Sam demonstrated his 3D printer by making me a Rocktopus.

Dwayne Johnson as an octopus

A new toy for Tay and the girls
Latah going for a spin
Sophie’s latest quilt
Enjoying my new coffee mug from Kathy
Sophie exploring Taylor’s tree house

Teagan, Latah, and I have been creating melted crayon and sand paintings to pass the dark, dreary days. To get started the crayons needed to be crushed.

Our master pieces displayed on the fridge !

…..and so I close this entry with a Dakota Sun Dog photo sent to me by my sister Deb.

Happy 2024