In today’s entry I want to share a few everyday activities in our lives. Every Tuesday I have volunteer obligations at St Joseph’s. I always attend Mass if it is available, which it generally is. I am the designated reader for that Mass. After Mass a group of us stay around to pray the rosary. From there I go to the office and write out checks to pay the church bills. I have been doing that for many years now. I also have been teaching Sunday School for nearly 50 years. I enjoy my obligations and am happy to help out in small ways. If they will have me I will continue to teach until Latah is confirmed in a couple years, after which I will probably let them know I am ready to move on.

Pebble Creek had another sad day. The second alpaca, Peggy, died. Sophie dug a grave beside the other alpaca that died awhile back. Jason and Sam brought Peggy over for her burial.

Our little Sammy has really grown and now prefers to be called Sam. He is a great guy and just does his own thing while the others are busy doing whatever it is they are doing that day. I love that guy !

Sam and his dog Moana
Enjoying someone’s baby at church
Sam is quite the chef
His latest creation is spaghetti pancakes

Taylor took an amazing photo a few weeks ago of a scary lenticular cloud over Trout Lake. Just as the sun was going down part of the cloud lit up bright yellow and then was gone in seconds. Mike had a glass wall hanging made of Taylor’s photo and sent it to me as a gift. Thanks Mike, I love it. I hung it with a group of Taylor’s other art work.

This is an absolutely amazing cloud Taylor captured in a photo. To me it feels threatening.

Just recently Rosemary sent me a photo she took of a beautiful sunset over the Columbia River. Thanks Rosemary. As she had stated, “With the way the world is today it feels good to see there is still great beauty around.”

For years I have been going to make a batch of Baklava. I have now completed that goal and I was not disappointed. It turned out great and I will make more for Easter. Of course Valentine Cookies had to be made as well.

I will close this entry introducing a most wonderful book I just read. About ten years before 1994 when that horrible genocide took place in Rwanda. Mary, The Blessed Virgin, appeared to three young women asking them to get the message out that if people did not check their hatred for one another horrible things were going to happen. As we know, no one wanted to hear that, the hate continued, and the horrific slaughter of over one million people took place in a period of 90 days. The author of the book survived the onslaught by hiding, with 7other women in a 3 foot by 4 foot bathroom. for 90 days. The amazing thing to me is that the visitations did not make the news and the world never knew.

Since that terrible time Rwanda has been reforming the country and working to heal itself.
Immaculee Ilibagiza

I highly recommend this book. It would be a great read for Lent . She wrote another book called, “Left to Tell,” In that book she tells of her experience during the Rwanda genocide at which time she lost her entire, immediate and extended, family except for one brother. Left to Tell awaits me at the library at White Salmon.