Arts and Fairs

Taylor is very artistic and I am pleased to see him find time to work on projects. He has an eye for shapes, shadows, and symmetry. An example of that can be seen on the above photo of a steer head he made from rusty metal he found along the railroad track. For an idea of size the horns are 13 inches across. He works with wood, stone, and old metal.

Some of his work I have presented before

This creepy character Tay made while camping to entertain the kids.
The wood on this piece is beautiful.

Some of my favorite things Tay does are his drawings, which you may have already seen.

Tay did these drawings early on and at that time I had no idea he was so creative as he is very private about himself.

The following two photos Taylor took show his eye for symmetry.

One of my favorites is this rock apple core Tay painted. Several people, when visiting, asked me why I keep that old apple core on my window sill. That’s how real it looks.

Sophie did this little cat I love for its simplicity. All I do any more is computer art using my grandkids as subjects. I find it fun trying different things and it’s relaxing.


As you know with the onset of covid our social lives nearly came to a screeching halt, including church attendance and activities. Our parish of St Joseph’s decided to present a Ministry Fair to jump starts activities and parishioner involvement. I was asked to develop a station encouraging people to join Rosary group or to start groups of their own. We felt the Fair was a success and worth our efforts. Attendance wasn’t stupendous but about 200 people came which is good for our small parish. Below are a few photos of setting up the fair. My station was busy so I didn’t have time to take many photos but I did take a few of the set up and at the wind down when I could get away to do so.

This is my rosary group station presenting information on the history and meaning of the rosary

I had a couple baskets of free rosaries which rapidly dwindled.

Father Salomon came by before his next Mass.
Our most faithful altar server manned his own station

Every active group from knights of Columbus to ushers presented a station.

The following week St Mary’s of Vernonia, Oregon, where Jason’s family attend Mass, held their Quilt Fair which is their one fund raiser of that parish. I attend that fair on Friday where Jeannette and Sophie were involved helping out. The place was jammed with people happy to be there as the Quilt Fair had been cancelled the past two years due to covid. There were hundreds of quilts on display and for sale, plus a delicious lunch was served and there was a crafts center selling creative items. I had a great time. Those ladies worked hard and long setting up, running, and taking down the Quilt Fair. The photos presented here were taken by Jeannette so she is not represented but she worked hard as well.

Presenting the St Mary’s Quilt Fair:

This was St Mary’s 50th quilt fair
Soups, salads, rolls, and desserts were available
Sophie did the ladder work so the older ladies didn’t have to
Helping folks take a better look
Finally, time for a break. The fair was open for three days so those ladies worked hard
Sophie was asked to pick the raffle winner

Congratulations to the hard working parishioners of St Mary’s in the success of your fund raiser. The men also helped in the hard work of set up and close down. St Mary’s is a small parish much like my own so a few people do all the work.