Twenty some years ago our friend Arife was living with me while waiting for the arrival of her daughter Beyyine. It was winter and I was concerned as we had lots of snow and my road is unpredictable as to whether we can get out of here or not. Sure enough, one stormy day the baby was on her way and off we went in my truck sliding down my hill to highway 141, driving to the hospital in Hood River. Last Saturday that baby girl, now a young woman, was married to a handsome young man from Trout Lake. Arife and her husband Mike live in Trout Lake and ran the Country Inn there for years until recently the Inn closed. Beyyine and Donavan’s wedding which took place at a farm not far from town and was a community affair with 250 guests. I for one had a great time. I did not get photos of the ceremony or of the bride who rode in on a horse as I was seated among people taller than me.

Beyyine, the bride
Donavan, the groom
Beyyine’s brother Jon

The cake was a wedding gift from Heather to the bride and groom. It was beautiful and delicious.

Arife and Mike
Heather looking pretty in a beautiful dress that was her grandmother’s
Latah and Teagan
Arife, mother of the bride

The wedding was casual and very enjoyable. It was great seeing people just laughing and having a good time. There was a barn dance but Latah and I went home before the dance started. Teagan and Heather stayed on. Teagan had a wonderful time. Both the girls had friends from school there to hang out with.

Following are random photos.

Rain cooperated holding off until the dance !

The tallest swing set ever
Latah enjoying the swing
Long time Friends: Pat, Heather, Brian, Daisy, and Mike
Arife and her sister Vedia

In-laws swapping stories of the bride and groom !

Thank you Beyyine and Donavan for including me at your new beginning as husband and wife !

Beginnings of a different sort:

The septic system at Pebble Creek needed to be upgraded, the process of which destroyed the garden area. So, Jason and Jeannette needed to begin a new one. I was going to share a few photos of their beautiful garden but yesterday Jason sent a video that I will share instead.