I am dedicating this blog entry to Maui, the family dog of the Jason Lindseth family, who recently went to where ever faithful animals go when they leave this life. The Lindseths are dog people and have had a number of them over the years. Two of these dogs I have loved, first Cooper and then Maui. Maui was a big dog of mixed breed and I will remember him. He had one ear that always stuck up giving him a comical look, but it was his spirit that captured my heart. Maui loved his family and he loved going to the beach.

Sam was a little guy when Maui came to the family

A terrible thing happened to Maui one night when a raccoon tried to get the chickens. Maui charged to the rescue but in the fight was bitten by the attacker and shortly after fell into complete paralysis. He contracted a condition commonly known as Coon Paralysis, leaving him unable to move other than his ears and eyes. The vet said he would probably regain his mobility in a month or so but the condition persisted. From that point Maui spoke with his eyes. First he was confused, then he was resigned, and as he started to get better he was hopeful. Always, however, he was happy to see people and loved attention.

It was Jeannette who mostly cared for Maui

Although everyone helped, It was Jeannette who mostly cared for him, carrying him outside in the middle of the night to go potty and so forth. Eventually Maui regained his ability to move but he was never the same dog. He still loved life, however, and enjoyed family camping trips and time at the beach. It was his spirit that captured my heart as he was always very excited when I came to visit and his eyes were filled with happiness. Maui is missed by us all.

Happy days
Rest in peace Maui

Dogs are playing a much different role in the lives of humans in recent years than from the past. It is very interesting but I will let you research that situation on your own, if interested. How we humans treat animals says more about us than it does the animals. Animals have their place in our lives but like everything else must be kept in proper perspective. I feel animals are good for the the human soul. I also feel the human soul needs nurturing, which brings my thoughts to the next subject. Every year I try to attend a Retreat or religious Mission of some sort to recharge my spiritual well being. This year Fr Wade from, “The Fathers of Mercy,” situated in Auburn, Kentucky came to St Joseph’s, my home parish, to present talks on, “Work Out Your Salvation.” For five days there was Mass in the mornings and presentations in the evenings. The main purpose of this order of priests, of which there are 45 members, is to travel around presenting spiritual talks to anyone interested. Fr Wade is an outstanding missionary and I very much enjoyed attending those five day. The five points of his talks were: Be faithful to your daily duty, Be Other-centered, Understand the reality of vice and virtue, Practice and Live the Sacraments, and Live a Trinitarian Spirituality. Attending was time well spent, especially with Advent and Christmas season not far off.

Fr Wade has a great since of humor and expressed the joy of living a faithful life
Fr Haaug, Fr Wade, and Fr Salomon, who is our parish priest

Dennis Lindseth cooked up a great roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy dinner with a green salad and pumpkin pie the other day and invited us over. The purpose of the dinner was to thank Latah and Teagan for inviting him to their dinners on the nights they cooked. We had a good time. It was a school night so we didn’t stay very late.

Thank you Dennis

Latah and I have been busy decorating the house entry for Halloween.

Latah and I sneaked out to Tay’s tree house one night and hung spooky things when he wasn’t around.

Walking in the woods is scary in the dark
Latah and I had a great time
Taylor often works after dark and our hope was to freak him out
Tay admitted this guy was creepy

I spent time this past weekend at Pebble Creek. I was having computer problems deeper than my ability to fix them so Jason to the rescue. Thank you Jason for the hours you spent getting the glitches out of my computer. Your help is beyond the call of, “son-hood.” While there the Lindseths were preparing for an early Halloween party they were attending Saturday night. Excitement was in the air. Sophie was trying out different ideas. I head for home before the party but Sophie sent photos my way.

Thank you for your endless patience, Jason
Looking good Sophie
The pirate and the farmer
Sam’s work in progress
Bring out your dead
Thanks for the photos, Sophie

Saturday morning Sam made up a batch of his special pancakes for breakfast served with ham from the 4-H pig.

Air tight and seal skin brown
Actually the one I got was red, pretty to look at and delicious to eat. Thanks for the special breakfast Sam !!

Meanwhile Taylor and Latah stayed home as Latah had a soccer game. Heather and Teagan flew off to Austin, Texas to attend Heather’s cousin Paul’s wedding. Heather and Teagan were guests of Paul’s mother, Mary, who is Teagan’s Godmother. They are home now and had a wonderful time. A few photos were sent my way by Heather’s sister Christie. Thank you Christie. I did not get a photo of Heather in her wedding attire but Teagan and Mary look beautiful as did the bride of course.

Teagan in her reception dress. Apparently she wore a different dress for the wedding.
Teagan standing next to her Godmother, Mary

It was a busy, fun filled weekend all around, although Jason may feel otherwise being stuck on my computer much of the morning. Again, Thank you Jason !!