Lindseth Camping

Last week the Lindseths decided to go camping to spend time with Teagan and Latah before they head east for the summer. Latah and I arrived early at Trout Creek Campground on the flank of Mt Adams to set up and hold a spot until the others could arrive. Latah worked like a trooper to help get camp set up. It was chilly and by late afternoon Latah was ready for a cozy break by the fire.

Trout Creek was running high
Latah had earned a break
I put my tent on the bank above the creek
We set up camp on Wednesday to be sure to have a site before the weekend
It was spitting rain so we put a cover over the table
The rest of the gang weren’t expected until Friday

Soon everyone had arrived; so let the festivities begin. We explored the trails that were available, played cribbage and bat the badminton birdie around. We made boats from natural materials and raced them. The girls and I had a math flash card competition. Taylor and Dennis came to camp but didn’t spend any nights . Every evening Jason or Jeannette read stories from, Rubber Legs and White Tail-Hairs, by Patrick McManus. Taylor worked on nature art projects. Jeannette went over board preparing delicious dinners. Thank you Jeannette. Latah and I recited poems to the group. Teagan got herself into trouble by wrapping the comb so tight in her hair even Papa couldn’t come to the rescue this time. We had to cut the comb out in the end. Fortunately the cutting left nice bangs. Jason hung a couple hammocks which proved to be entertaining.

On Monday I took Teagan and Latah home as they were leaving for Boston the next day. Later Jason’s gang and I climbed Sleeping Beauty. Sleeping Beauty is a 4,907-foot mountain summit southwest of Mt Adams.  It is so named because its profile as seen from the east side of the Trout Lake Valley somewhat resembles a sleeping woman. Precipitation runoff from Sleeping Beauty drains into tributaries of the White Salmon River. The peak is composed of andesitic magma that intruded up into older volcanic rocks more than 25 million years ago.

It was strange as at one point near the top the wind was howling. Sophie and I were the first to get to the very top and there was no wind there at all. How odd. When the others arrived they seemed to bring the wind with them and soon it was blowing again. Jeannette spotted a white Mt goat ram on the rocks just below us. Jason was the last to the top as he was busy taking photos with his camera and drone.

View from the bottom of the rock cliffs
At first there was no wind
I liked this place as a photo opportunity
Before long the wind started to blow
Jason ascends the top
I don’t think Sam had climbed Sleeping Beauty before
The white speck is a Mt goat moving around
Sophie, Jeannette, Sam, and Jason

We went on other adventures such as checking out an old campsite from years ago which has changed so much I could hardly recognize it. We also explored Little Goose Creek where Jason took a number of beautiful photos of the two falls located there. Over all, I would rate this camp adventure as a ten for sure.

Teagan at the lower falls
Jeannette and Sophie
Jason at Little Goose Falls

Jason has created a video of our camping adventure if you are interested.