Here we are approaching the end of Spring and I find people busy with projects. Before we get into those, however, I want to share with you a poem my brother Ken wrote before he sadly succumb to cancer about 7 and a half years ago. Recently Ken’s wife Judy discovered a poem Ken had written that she had not seen before. With Judy’s permission here is the poem she found. We have lost two of our siblings now and they are greatly missed. Carol was struck down with Parkenson’s in her 40’s, but cancer took her life in her late seventies.

Ken was full of life, interested in people and many things. He always had some project going on.
Carol was funny with a great sense of humor which she retained through years of suffering. Her courage was amazing.

Ken was a rough and tumble, no nonsense guy, but beneath that facade was a gentle man who loved God and his family.

Jason made a camp cooking box that he carries in his truck. With careful plans, measures, and his knowledge of woodcraft the project is now complete.

Taylor has an on going project he started a year ago. He is building a tree house in the woods. As there is no electricity there this is a labor intensive undertaking and it is coming along nicely. Work has been slow this spring because of constant rain but there is progress, slow but sure.

This is a two story tree house and the view from the second floor is beautiful.
A canopy of trees

Taylor is secretive about his project and you don’t see it in the woods until you are right upon it. He is very precise in keeping things level and secure.

Latah has constructed her own house in the woods near Papa’s tree house. Less secure, her little house needs to be rebuilt from time to time.

Another big project for the Lindseths was to remove the trees that had been cut down last week. They have been working on that this week.

Before the tree was cleared away
That tree is now gone opening up the yard near the house
Aren’t there labor laws to prevent this sort of thing.

I am happy to report that my brother Dennis, who was recuperating at Deb and Rex’s house, now has a place of his own. Deb and Rex decided to take a few days and enjoy the beautiful Badlands near Medora. They sent a few photos my way.

Dennis shopping for groceries
Beautiful rainbow over the Badlands
Deb & Rex enjoyed a bison steak dinner in Medora
Everything lush and green this year so far

One project I am pleased to have done is the replacement of a leaking faucet outside my house. It has been dripping for a couple years and more recently been a steady flow. So, I broke down and called Chinook Plumbing. It is a relief to have that fixed. Expensive, but a relief.

Introducing my new non-leaking faucet
A hole had to be cut in the garage wall to deal with the faulty situation.

Monday afternoon I attend Teagan’s eighth grade promotion ceremony. I was very surprised to find Teagan was the main speaker. She hadn’t said a word about it and did a great job. She introduced each of her classmates and said kind words about them and spoke about their years as classmates. It was cute as the students filed in one at a time down the isle of chairs and they were all wearing weird sun glasses.

Below is a little video clip of the end of Teagan’s talk. She did a great job!