Winter has arrived with a flurry of snow, much to the delight of those of us who love the season. With global warming the patterns of the weather in my area result in the snow coming and going, so we are generally excited when it arrives. In late January when it starts piling up to three and four feet that excitement wanes a bit, but for now we celebrate.

Thank you Rita for the visit and box of treats.

Rita is my nearest neighbor

This time of the year brings many activities. My Christmas tree is made up of 4 spindly trees cut from an area that needed thinning. Generally, every year I construct my tree in that way. I am running out of prospects as the trees in the woods are getting either too big or are yet too small. With that situation this year’s tree is smaller than usual. They generally reach the ceiling. I am happy with it however.

Last Tuesday was Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year followed by the lengthening of daylight hours, a reason to celebrate. It is also a day of celebration for my wonderful nephew, Aaron, whose birthday is that day. Happy Birthday Aaron !

I have been out and about visiting. Rosemary and I still get together most Sunday evenings. One afternoon I went to Hood River to spend time with Grace, a woman I have known for many years. Grace will be 101 in February. She is amazing. We call her Amazing Grace. Yesterday I spent part of the afternoon checking out the progress Jade is making on his restoration project. He is the young man who now owns my motorcycle. He worked for me last summer and still had tools and supplies at my house. I loaded up his belongings and returned them to him. He has acquired an older house in The Dalles and is foreman of a project to fix it up for resale. Jade is a kid at heart as I noticed a row of snowmen he had made but now are melting away. I wish you great success on your project, Jade.

Amazing Grace

Speaking of visiting, Teagan and Latah are having a great time with their east coast family. Those girls are so comical. Twice a year the oil man, Johnny, fills the furness fuel tank, at the end of the season and in late November he tops the tank. Once the snow flies he can not get up my drive. The girls, for whatever reason, insist Johnny is my boyfriend and tease me about him. The poor, innocent guy is just a 30’s something man doing his job to support his family. Where the girls came up with that idea I haven’t a clue.

The girls are having a great time
Ooh, Grandma, here comes Johnny !!
A favorite things about winter
The joke of the Season