Teagan and Latah are leaving for Vermont today so we celebrated Christmas at their house early this year. Christy has arrived from Boston to fly the girls to Vermont to have Christmas with their maternal grandparents Mimi and Tom. On Wednesday Heather and Christy prepared a delicious dinner followed by opening gifts. I received from Latah and Teagan a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a pewter vase, an heirloom of their maternal family. Thank you Teagan and Latah for the warming of my heart with your gracious and beautiful gift and loving message. We will miss you but are happy to have you spend time with your east coast family.

Thank you Teagan and Latah
Christy and Teagan

At home preparations for Christmas are already in progress. The outdoor entry decorations are in place. Latah and I spent one afternoon decorating the Christmas tree cookies and Taylor has been busy shrinking heads.

Now, about the shrinking of heads. Years ago Taylor prepared shrunken heads using kelp bulbs. They turned out amazingly looking like real shrunken heads. Last week he made a trip to the coast and brought back kelp bulbs to set about again making more shrunken heads. When the heads are finished shrinking I will show photos of how they turn out.

Teagan receiving a pre-shrunken head from Papa for Christmas

Mean while back to the Christmas party, nature came into play and provided a white Christmas for us. Within two hours, at my house, it went from no snow to five inches, definitely putting me in a party mood.

Shaking the gift package
Feeling a bit emotional about leaving Papa

Thank you Heather and Christy for the lovely celebration. God Bless you and your family today and always.