We have had a very pleasant summer so far. Other than about two weeks of temperatures in the high nineties, even then the nights cooled off so we were able to sleep well. At the end of May my front garden was nothing but big rocks and a couple of fuel tank pipes. All of a sudden, it seemed, the plants took off and the garden bloomed. I had a big patch of old moss thatch right out the front door that was depressing to look upon. I dug all that up and planted grass. Although the rest of my yard is nothing but dirt these days that little patch of green lifts my spirits. This blog entry is mainly the sharing of random activities, in no particular order, that have occurred this summer.

Jeannette and Sophie were invited to attend a very formal movie premier by Jeannette’s friend Devin who lives in Polson.

“Somewhere in Montana,”an independent film, set and shot in Montana, premieres Thursday, June 22 at Showboat cinema in Polson, the setting and shooting location for the film.

Jeannette and Sophie: Two glamorous and very excited ladies.

Devin, who owns a food cart, was hired by the film company to help feed the cast. Jeannette and Sophie had a wonderful time meeting some of the cast and other people involved.

The film, made for Netflix, is about the struggles of a rancher.

John Alexander is a man whose roots run strong and deep. His presence on the land is as much a part of Montana as the mountains themselves against the wide, open sky. But for the first time in his life, John is realizing that not everything is as set in stone as he previously believed.

Sophie and the movie company’s on site doctor.

While mom and sister where somewhere in Montana having a blast Sam spent five days with me. Teagan and Latah hadn’t left for the east coast yet so those three kept each other company.

Swimming at Horse Thief Lake

One afternoon while Teagan was with her friends, Taylor and Latah decided to take a motorcycle trip up the mountain to Nester’s Peak, which once had a fire lookout tower. All that remains of the fire lookout is the foundation but those two had a grand time exploring around. They were very late getting back and I began to worry about them so I sent a text asking if they were okay. Indeed they were. They were enjoying a Mexican dinner in Bingen when my text reached them.

I should not have worried but it is my nature to do so at times.

Not everything about summer is all fun and games. Wildfires are a true and sincere threat. For going on two weeks we were breathing smoke from a fire along the cliffs at the mouth of the White Salmon River area. A number of homes were destroyed. My eyes were somewhat sore the entire time from the smoke.

The fire was on the cliff so very difficult to contain and put out.
Notice the water container under the helicopter inflate.

It has been a great summer for making vodka slushes and fancy desserts.

Raspberry Cheesecake
Sophie & Teagan enjoying the dessert

Teagan and Latah are spending their summer in Boston and Vermont. They are having a wonderful time with family, keeping very busy attending various camps and enjoying the outdoors with their cousin Saben. We miss them but are very happy to see them spend time with their east coast family. Latah is a trooper keeping us posted on their daily activities. The camps have been day camps but now Teagan is on a three week stay over camp. Hopefully that goes well for her.

……… so summer rolls on.

Last Sunday two nieces and a nephew, along with their spouses, on the Lindseth side of the family, stopped by to spend a bit of time with me. They were here for a rafting trip and I very much enjoyed their company.