Valentines and Beyond

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite celebration days, especially during my teaching years. I saw by the light in Teagan and Latah’s eyes children still see it as a great day. Teagan came home with a heart shaped box of candy and a pink carnation. Latah came home with six yellow carnations. I had a good day too. Latah presented me with a pop up card she had made in school and Keith Kreps, a student of mine who is now in his fifties, at a chance meeting called me sweetheart. What more could I want? ❤️ For my part I baked a batch of caramel rolls for the occasion.

On the evening of Valentine’s Day I put a cozy fire in the stove. Latah, the cat Teach, and I put together a floor puzzle I had borrowed from Jason’s family. Taylor took Teagan to Hood River to spend a couple hours with her friends.

Cozy by the fire
Joining the end pieces
Teach was very exited to be helping out
A long and lean puzzle

Last week I drove over to spend a few days at Pebble Creek. The weather was beautiful so we spent lots of time outdoors. Last fall when a new septic system was put in at Pebble Creek the garden space was obliterated. So, preparing a new garden space was the order of the day.

Jeannette is a hard worker but makes me nervous because her broken arm is not yet healed. Transplanting the blueberries

When not helping with the fencing Sophie was busy cleaning Jason’s truck. Sam built himself a bow and arrow weapon, and I played ball with the new dog, Annie.

Clearing out the debris

Sam also prepared a smoke bomb to show me. The bomb didn’t smoke as he had hoped but made an excellent huge black snake like we get on the 4th of July.

The previous smoke bomb worked great but as things always go, when you want to show someone else, they fizzle. The anticipation was exciting to watch anyway.

When I visit the Lindseth home I see all sorts of experiment projects Sam has going all over the house. While I was there he made a candy dispenser.

Evenings are time for relaxing at Pebble Creek. After a delicious dinner of a choice of grilled hamburgers or chicken we gathered in the living room to visit and play. Before bed we watched a couple of, “Clarkson’s Farm,” episodes. This is a new show for me and I love it. If you have Prime Video I highly recommend this British series. It is comical and informative. I am hooked and have been watching more episodes since I have been home.

A recently completed family project for Sam’s room
Sophie cozy with the family pets

Thank you Lindseth’s for sharing your every day lives with me. As always, there was never a dull moment.