In general people like to share the highlights of their trip, their day, their special event. Most of our life, however, consists of random moments. The opening photo of this entry is of me busting the sod in front of the house that has been dominated by moss thatch which must be removed about every 4 years. While working on that project it dawned on me that I am a sod buster. Never did I think of myself in that light, but randomly at times, that is what I am. I used the sod then to fill in holes in my driveway. Next the soil must be replaced and reseeded. The small patch that I removed filled about 6 wheelborrow loads which made a difference on my road.

A number of years ago Taylor asked me why I don’t go to the beauty shop when I get my hair done. I haven’t the patience to sit there while someone does my hair. Besides, having the perfect hair is not important to me and I am too frugal to pay the prices they ask. I do it myself. I enjoy doing as much as I can on my own for which Taylor informed me if everyone was like that we wouldn’t have an economy. Yesterday I did my hair. I am happy with it.

My new style coast $3.89

A week ago I enjoyed spending a few days at Pebble Creek. I love the little every day things such as eating dinner outside and playing Cribbage after dinner. The margaritas were okay too!

It isn’t important here to discuss who won the Cribbage game.

The day I left Jason pruned back the lilac tree that was leaning oddly. I scooped up a bunch of the blossoms and put them in vases when I got home.

The Pebble Creek pigs are doing fine, growing by leaps and bounds. They have a better shelter this year and they like it when people come by to visit.

I like pigs and the babies are so cute. It is just too bad they are so stinky when down wind from them.

Protection from the sun or rain.

Then there is Sam. I just love that guy. He reminds me of my brother Mike. Both those guys have heads full of crazy ideas, as many people do. Both those guys, however, follow through with their ideas, as many people do not do. Pebble Creek just received a new refrigerator and Sam decided to move into the delivery box. He has it set up with his technology and is quite comfortable there. He recently had a birthday and I teased him about moving to Portland and trying the city life. Four of his buddies came by to celebrate Sam’s special day.

Sam recently shaved his head in support of a boy he knew who had cancer. The boy died a few days later. Sam is very thoughtful of others. (Not counting his sister all the time, however.)

Now there’s a lively bunch !

It is easy to tell who is Annie’s favorite person and I am pleased to see Sophie and Sam using the one-wheel again. I has been at my house until recently. I couldn’t resist making a silly video.

Jason and Annie
Way to go Sophie, nice save on the bumps. You and Sam keep on practicing !

Jason made a number holder for the church which I think turned out beautifully. Thinking of church, a man from my parish was ordained a deacon recently. Last week I attend a reception in his honor. Santiago is a very kind, caring, helpful person and he always has a big smile. Congratulations Santiago and thank you for your vocation.

The food was delicious and the live music joyful !

At home my cat Teach has been bringing me Rubber Boa snakes, four to be exact. Then the new cat, Wolina, caught on and brought me another one, the largest of all. I remove them to the woods when the cats aren’t looking. I should be taking them to a pet store as they sell for up to $300.00. Rubber Boas can live from 40-50 years and I hate the idea of them in cages all those years.

Drying bedding the old fashioned way. In the sun.
I made a yarn fence for the fairy house/
Grizzly Bears: Deb and Rex visited Yellowstone recently. It is unbelievable all the animals they saw. They saw about four bears before they spotted these three.
Tay’s tree house lit up with solar lights.

My family members have lots of spring birthdays. My oldest brother Dennis is one of them. I found this photo of him as a little guy and compared it to a recent photo of him. Serious then, serious now. Happy birthday Den. We love you !

I enjoy seeing family photos and a couple came my way the other day I will share.

My niece Melissa and her family who live in South Dakota.
My nephew Ben and his family who live in Wisconsin.