Estee Lauder changed the course of fragrance history. Until the 50s, women mostly reserved fragrance for holidays and birthdays. Then Estée Lauder had a brainwave with the game-changing fragrance Youth Dew, which began as a bath oil.  Until then, a woman waited for her husband to give her perfume on her birthday or anniversary. No woman purchased fragrance for herself. In 1953 Estee wanted to find a way for women to buy their own perfume so she created Youth Dew, a bath oil that doubled as a perfume. This simple idea changed the way fragrance was sold and took the cosmetic industry by storm. In 1985 my other favorite fragrance , Beautiful, hit the market and is still a top seller today while Youth Dew comes in at fifth.

A sure sign of spring for me is the changing of my perfume. I am a simple person who wears only two different perfume fragrances, both by Estee Lauder, Youth Dew, for Autumn and winter, and Beautiful, my Spring/Summer perfume.

There are many signs of spring besides the usual budding of trees, flowering of plants, and green grass appearing everywhere.

Columbia Parsley
Tay and Latah charging up their motorcycles
Taylor, ready to ride
Teagan dreaming for a bigger bike
Latah pretending she is a pregnant lady
Teagan and Papa heading out
Latah and Papa heading out
Arrival of the 4-H pigs to Pebble Creek Farm
Spaghetti, Socks, and yet to be named
The Badminton net is back in place
Latah challenges Papa to show her his best

An important sign of spring is Sophie’s birthday. The following day after her birthday she signed up and tested for a driver’s permit. She passed the test and is ready to go

Happy 15th Birthday, Sophie
Signed up and ready to get started

A special sign of spring for me this year is in that the kids had spring break from school during the same week. They all came to spend a few days with me at the same time. I, for one, loved it with the highlight being a visit to Horse Thief Butte.

The girls wait for their turn
Sam takes the plunge
Teagan sharing her feelings
Sophie’s death defying feat
Games at Grandma’s
Oh boy, here we go
Beautiful view at Grandpa’s place

Not everything at grandpa’s is so pretty. Years ago one of Dennis’ students cut his finger off in wood-shop class and presented the finger to Dennis who keeps it on his mantel. The kids insisted on seeing it.

Latah later had nightmares from it. The other kids found it to be disgusting but it really bothered Latah. She insisted on seeing it, however.

Sam, Sophie, and Teagan rode the Onewheel but unfortunately Teagan’s video didn’t work out. I goofed, sorry Teagan.

Off to climb Horse Thief Butte
This is one of my favorite places