This seems to be the season for gatherings. Last Saturday Teagan’s Confirmation group attend a Retreat to help them prepare for Confirmation. Teagan is a first year student so won’t be confirmed until next year. In our Yakima Dioceses Confirmation students attend a two year program in preparation. I was asked to be a group discussion leader so I attend the retreat as well and very much enjoyed the day.

53 out of 57 students attend the retreat
A great lunch was provided
Three priests spoke, including a visitor from another parish
Endless snacks of fruit, yogurt, and pretzels were available at all times.
We went to the park to play soccer over lunch hour
Retreat ended with us all going to confession.
Everyone I spoke to said they had a great time and the day just flew by

A few photos have come my way of other family members participating in gatherings as well. My sister Donna got lots of hugs from past governors, federal and state senators and reps as she knew many of them personally. She attend the state republican convention as a delegate as she has done for years. Her son Terry Wanzek is a senior senator for North Dakota and he keeps his mom involved. She had a great time.

Past governor Ed Schafer, Senator Wanzek, and senior delegate Donna Wanzek
Senator Wanzek, Delegate Donna Wanzek, and present North Dakota Governor Doug Burgam at this years convention
Mike and Mary enjoying dinner with Mike’s daughter Danielle and her family
Just enjoying family time together
My niece Ronda and family celebrating daughter Megan’s 18th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN

These past days have been busy ones for me as I have lots of maintenance jobs. I have also been doing more cooking than usual, with the girls, or on my own for one event or another. I have also been reading spiritual books for Lent and books about historical characters I have recently learned about that I had not known before.

Changed six smoke alarm batteries
Washed a heavy jacket of Taylor’s
Replaced two florissant bulbs and cleaned away all the insect bodies
Organized a few things
Removed the green streaks in the toilet bowls caused by my copper pipes
Tried to salvage a neglected plant
Lots of cookie baking
Lots of other cooking as well

Emmett Sampson introduced me to a couple of wild west outlaw women by loaning me books to read about their lives. Great books, thanks Emmett.

Colorado Cattle Rustler
This gal pretty much did it all on the wrong side of the law

For Lenten spiritual reading I have selected two books by Fr Wade Mercer who was our Retreat Master last fall. They have been a good choice.

On a different note, I bought a new pair of reading glasses and today I spent the morning making a gray cover for a white, “feather tic,” Taylor had recently purchased.