Sophie text one day asking if she could spend the weekend with me. Of course, if her parents allowed it. So arrangements were made to meet half way in Troutdale, located about ten miles east of Portland. Traffic through Portland was exceptionally heavy so Jeannette opted to arrive by a different route. Listening to an audiotape as I waited the truck battery died. Minus sixty dollars paid to Les Schwab for jump starting the battery Sophie and I were soon on our way home through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. Let the festivities begin.

The Gorge has many moods

The very next day Latah had a soccer game. Teagan was scheduled for a game but the opposing team cancelled for some reason so Teagan’s team had a regular practice followed by a scrimmage game. In the end we were able to watch both girls in action. Also, while Teagan’s scrimmage was in play Sophie and Latah had a bit of soccer fun on their own. How fortunate these children are to have such a beautiful setting for their school and games. Latah’s team, the Trout Lake Tacos, won their game 4-1. Latah kicked two goals.

One afternoon we ladies decided to head up to Grandpa’s place and play on his toys, the zip-line, the trampoline, and the lawnmower, converted into a ride-around vehicle. We brought the One-Wheel that had been at Jason’s house and was now at my place for our use. Sophie, who could already ride fairly well, was patient showing us how it is done. Thank you Sophie for helping us get started.

I very much had a wonderful time with my three granddaughters. They are fine young ladies. Now I want to step back a bit. Earlier Sammy spent time with me. We raft the White Salmon River with our friend Chris and Taylor was our guide. I post a blog entry on that adventure. However, at that time I did not have photos of our drop over Husum Falls, and now I do. These I want to share with you.


The approach
On the lip
The plunge
The shock of cold
Popping up