Every two years I sweep my chimney. The job is much easier for two people but occasionally I must do it on my own. This is a chimney sweep year and I saw a window, weather wise, so I went for it. You will realize what a high tech job this really is when you see my equipment. It is also great leg exercise as the job requires at least 8 trips of and down the ladder getting equipment in place and so forth. I sweep the chimney three times which partly explains the many ladder trips.

To accomplish this task a rope is dropped down the chimney into the house. A brush is tied to the rope inside the house and then pulled up the chimney loosening the soot.

Just moving the ladder isn’t as easy as it use to be
Remember a stool to stand on if you are a shorty like me
Note the high tech equipment

I borrow Rosemary’s brush, so “thank you” to Rosemary for providing the use of her equipment for my task. I have been imposing on her now over a span of 24 years, every other year.

But wait, there is more to it. The pipe inside the living room needs to be dismantled and cleaned out as well.

The brush is pulled up the chimney
Emerging on the top I start over again
This pipe causes problems of its own

As you have probably guessed I throughly enjoy sweeping my chimney. This time something strange happened. I accidentally knocked a screwdriver off the outside chimney top. It landed on the roof around the corner of the chimney. I heard it roll for a bit, then all was silent. During clean up I looked for that screwdriver and it had disappeared. I scoured the roof tops, I searched the gutters and decks below. I perused the ground around the house. There was no screwdriver to be found. Where it went is still a big mystery.

TRICKS OF THE TRADE: Should you one day take up chimney sweeping here are a few tricks you should know.

Tie a weight at the end of the rope to be sure it falls to the bottom
Tie the ropes securely so you don’t lose the brush somewhere inside the chimney
Don’t forget a bag to collect the soot
Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty

Other tasks I have worked on this week

Taylor brought home a bunch of little grapes, or at least I think they were grapes, although they taste like mulberries. After sitting in the fridge for days I decided to make up some jelly, which turned out very good.

It is that time again
The power of a bit of polish
We found out the hard way
The gasket on the bathtub overflow had disintegrated
Will it fit? It did

I put a cat door in the garage. Late one evening I came home, opened the garage door and found a surprise, for both parties. That became the end of the cat door in the garage idea.

I have learned that skunks are gentle animals and if I don’t panic and give them their space they will go away. I turned the truck off, went into the house and stepped into the garage from there, putting the skunk between me and her escape route. Away she went.