Easter season has arrived. Many people think of Easter as a one day event. Easter is not only the end of Lent but is just a beginning and the season is celebrated until Pentecost which arrives May 19th this year. Pentecost is that outpouring of the Holy Spirit that was a sign the world had entered a new spiritual age. They were no longer in an age where they were waiting for the coming Messiah. Pentecost ushered in a new spiritual age and is one that we still currently live in. This age invites us to experience how the Kingdom of God is breaking into our world and to wait for it to be fully revealed at the end of days. (Acts 20:14-21) 

Lent, that time of special prayers and observances, is over now but during that time life went on with general living as well. As a follow up for Latah’s DI experience her little group took 4th place at State but second place in the, “Instant Challenge,” competition. They were given an, ‘on the spot,’ problem to solve. Latah had a great time and says she plans on participating next year as well. Here are a few photos as the four kids prepared their DI project.

Participants were allowed no outside help at all. They were strictly on their own for the entire project.
Latah’s group had named themselves, “The Sun Bathing Sea Cows.” Interesting name !

While Latah was at the DI tournament Teagan and I head over to Pebble Creek to check up on the other Lindseths. It was a fast, fun trip. Jeannette, Teagan, and Sophie went Line Dancing while I stayed back to spend time with Sam and Jason.

The girls said they had lots of fun. They did great, Teagan had not done line dancing, other than in PE at school, before.


I had lots of fun with Sam. He blazed up the fire-pit while I checked out his latest under ground fort. We spent time shooting off his potato launcher for which he uses spray deodorant for fuel. haha Jason busied himself building a new Wisteria arbor.

Soon Teagan and I were home again. The Line Dancing doesn’t stop there. The following week Sophie’s birthday arrived. To celebrate she invited a group of friends to join her at Line Dancing lessons and dancing.

Happy 17th birthday Sophie