Spring has Sprung

Spring has finally arrived in southwest Washington. After months of overcast, damp, bone chilling weather I woke up one day and the sun was visible. What a joy. Once that sun appears signs of spring burst forth; The sun, the birds, and then the flowers. The opening photo was taken in front of St Joseph’s Church Social Center in White Salmon.

Wild Dogwood

It is amazing how flowers can lift the human spirit. At least they sure do mine.

Rodi Blossom
View from my classroom
Easter decorations at St Joseph’s of White Salmon
A birthday gift from a long time friend. Thank you Kathy !!

I recently took Amtrak to North Dakota to visit family. When I left the woods were still stark and somber. A week later when I returned the Wild Dogwoods, which surround my yard, were in full bloom. How did that happen so fast? Last year the Dogwoods were skimpy. This year they are full and glowing.

I very much enjoyed the train trip and time spent with my siblings. We played lots of cards, Pitch being the game of choice. One day Donna and I drove out to the farm to check things out. While in Jamestown I stayed with Deb and Rex but Donna and Dennis often came over to play cards, enjoy a meal together, or just to visit. After Mass on Sunday we all went out for breakfast along with other family members. Gail Ann and Tracy and family joined us. Photos weren’t taken as we were busy eating and laughing.

In the end we were pretty equal in game winnings. Great fun!

This table is the table from our family farm we grew up with.
Donna at the bean processing plant on TMT Farm
The size of farm machines these days is mind boggling.

Another day Donna and I met our cousin Marilyn for lunch. Marilyn and I were in the same grade but she attend Jamestown High School and I attend St John’s Academy so we rarely saw each other during those growing up years.

One day Deb and Rex’s granddaughters came over with their new puppy they had received just that day. What delightful girls Addi and Avery are, as well as the new puppy, Cooper, of course.

Avery and Addi, both these girls are great softball athletes.
Cooper and me
Cooper had arrived from Oklahoma by plane that very day.

Later that evening Addi and Avery’s dad Josh came over for a visit. He was riding his new motorcycle a Honda Monkey. Oh dear, now I am realizing I am without a motorcycle and the Monkey seems a perfect fit for my needs. Something to think about for sure.

The Honda Monkey
There he goes. Thanks for coming by to visit, Josh.

On a different Note: A couple other signs of spring:

I am a two perfume kind of woman. Estee Lauder: Youth Dew and Beautiful. Youth Dew is my Autumn, Winter perfume and Beautiful is for Spring and Summer. I am very proud of Sam who purchased yard equipment with some of his 4-H money and has started a business which has already paid off with repeat and new customers in the Banks, OR area. Way to go Sam.

I took this photo from the train about ten miles west of Williston, North Dakota