Here we are midsummer. Wild flowers are simply radiant right now. The approach to my driveway is covered with Sweet Pea and as I go for my morning walk it is breath taking, although as always, photos do not do justice.

My driveway is a tunnel of dark and cool that is always welcome this time of the year.

With the hot temperatures we are having lately I finally got off the couch long enough to crank up the grill and prepare a beef ribs and green beans meal which turned out delicious. At one point Sophie came to spend the better part of a week with me. She was a trooper as I was nursing chest congestion and she was pretty much on her own. She kept herself entertained looking at spider skeletons and so forth under the microscope. Before she went home she bagged some of my yarn as she was in a crocheting mood and soon project photos arrived.

love the coasters on the photo to the right. well done Sophie.
We visited grandpa and his new kitten, Jasper III

Early on in the summer Sam was here and broke his little toe on my couch. I happened to be at his house when it was time for the nail on that toe to come off. Sam politely asked if I would like the toe nail since it happened at my house. I politely replied, “No,” stating it would be fine and besides I had no pockets that day to put the nail in. He assured me not to worry as he would mail it to me. He did !!!

Being a grandma isn’t easy ! Well, okay, it’s from my grandson so I displayed the toe nail on my fridge.

Then there is Teagan and Latah. Maybe I should say, “Then there isn’t Teagan and Latah.” Those girls have been on the east coast visiting family since the 4th of July and will be gone three more weeks. By all reports they are having a wonderful time doing many fun things. They have attended numerous sports camps with their cousin Saben and now are headed to Cape Cod for the rest of their stay.

Tired after a long six hours
Teagan was totally surprised that she won the camp spirit award.
These three cousins have a great time together and will have wonderful summer memories

We miss Teagan and Latah but are happy to see them having such a wonderful time with their family.

Teagan carrying her tired sister home

Sophie and Sam are at the fair this week with their 4-H pigs. It is miserable hot and everyone is exhausted. The animal auction is going on right now as I work on this entry. One steer auctioned for $14,000.00. Wow. I will report how that turns out in another blog entry. Apparently it is so hot very few people have come to the fair this year.

On a Different Note:

A mysterious package arrived at my house one day for Latah. My lawnmower died after I hit a rock. At this very moment another one is headed to my house. A gift from Taylor. Yeah, thank you Tay!

I am very excited about getting a lawn mower… says something about my life doesn’t it.

News Flash: Jeannette is reporting from the fair this very moment. A young lady walked her turkey for the auctioneer to sell. It was auctioned and sold at $850.00

The $850.00 turkey

The grand champion pig went for $15.00 a pound or $3750.00. Is there an older peoples 4-H? I might like to grow a pig.