Fountains and More

We exited the Bellagio just in time to see the famous fountains burst into activity. We were excited, Sam, especially, who was familiar with the fountains having seen them in one of the “Ocean Eleven,” movies. Fountains of Bellagio is a free attraction. It consists of a musical fountain show performed in an 8.5-acre man-made lake in front of the resort. The show uses 1,214 water nozzles and 4,792 lights and shoots as high as 460 feet.  After the water show we made our way to Caesar’s Palace. When all was said and done I asked Sam what he liked best at the Strip and to my surprise he said he liked the shopping forum at Caesar’s best. It is an amazing place as you are indoors but there is a sky above that keeps changing and you actually feel you are outside walking the streets of ancient Rome.

We had arrived at the forum
The streets of Rome
Thanks Chris for taking photos
Not so good of me but love this one of Sam
This is an enjoyable place to be, especially on a very hot day

The following day, our last day, we visited Red Rock Canyon. Red Rock Canyon was designated as Nevada’s first National Conservation Area and is located just ten miles from Chris’s house. I have wanted to go there for years and now I have. It was a hot day so we limited our climbing over the rocks. There is a 13 mile loop of amazing scenery. At the end we stopped at the visitors center that has wonderful exhibits both indoors and on the grounds. The area is known for tortises and gila monsters but because of the heat they remained under ground.

The Visitor’s Center sort of vanished into the landscape. Masks were required.

I, for one, loved Red Rock Canyon and had a great time there. On the way home we stopped at Red Rock Casino for dinner. I don’t remember what Chris had but Sam and I had orange chicken. The following morning we had to be up at 4:00am to get our flight home. Other than at one point a middle aged man taking on a verbal exchange with the fowl mouthed young man beside me, and three enraged, loud mouthed, young women throwing a tizzy across the isle, the flight was pleasant and soon we were back in Portland. Sam and I want to thank Chris for his great hospitality and grand job as a tour guide. We could not have done this trip without his generosity and thoughtfulness. THANK YOU CHRIS !!