Autumn is my favorite season and October my favorite month, for reasons on many levels. Many people I know tend to feel the same. I love October for its colors as my opening photo can testify. I am aware that there are places in the country whose fall colors far surpass our own here in the Pacific Northwest but I am up for enjoying what we have to the best of my ability.

Photo taken along the road to Trout Lake from where I live
The brightest colors are already past their prime
The colors should hold for a few more weeks

October is designated as the Month of the Rosary. I am a definite believer in the power of the prayers of the Rosary. I also see the Rosary as our greatest weapon against evil. Centures ago, “Our Lady of Sorrow,” rosary came into being, then sort of went out of fashion. With today’s troubled world people are again praying that sorrowful rosary. During this rosary people meditate upon the seven sorrows of Mary. Here are facts about this version of the rosary.

Mary was forewarned of the sorrows that would pierce her heart when she and Joseph presented the baby Jesus in the temple.

Our Blessed Mother made seven promises to people who pray the, “Lady of Sorrows Rosary,” which is based on her seven greatest sorrows.

Seven promises Mary made for those who pray this rosary

I pray the regular rosary daily but I pray,” Our Lady of Sorrows Rosary,” only occasionally. With the world as it is today we need both these rosaries offered daily and not just in October.

With Autumn, especially October, come the rains that clean the air and green up the dried plants making everything cheery and fresh. I love the natural objects that are available for decorations and of course, I love Halloween, the just for fun holiday.

The yard looks like spring again

When the serious rains arrive it is my time to read. In the past weeks I have read four very interesting books.

Julian Fellowes is the guy who wrote the better known, “Downton Abbey” This was an excellent book as well.
I have read J.A. Jance in the past but have not read her in awhile. I was good to read a Joanna Brady book again.
This story tells the love and care shared by two brothers who had an abusive, negligent father.

Crow Mary was a real person who survived the Cypress Hills Massacre that took place in Canada. This brave woman single handedly managed to free five Nakota woman who were being held and abused by deviate miners and soldiers. Little is know about Crow Mary’s life so this is a fiction story based upon a real event. My sister Deb recommend it to me. It is a very popular book right now and I was place at number seven when I ordered it from Vancouver Library. It took me two months to received the book but I read it in a 24 hour period as I enjoyed it that much. Thanks Deb for the recommendation. What’s unique in this woman is that Mary was of the Crow nation, who were long time enemy’s of the Nakota people. She risked her life to save these five woman.

Jason recently took his family camping on top of the world near Tillamook, OR. He shot some great photos. Taylor took some interesting photos as well, three of them being of our two cats, Teach and Wolina.

The Lindseth campsite with the fog filling the valleys below
Just before sunset
The sun has set
The Milky Way
Tay has an eye for the strange
Teach again