The days are simply flying past. Jason’s gang was here this past weekend and it seems like yesterday. Jason took the beautiful photo of Mt Adams shown above when he was here. One day I took a drive to the western flank of Mt Adams about 15 miles north of Trout Lake and photographed the mountain’s western side but I certainly didn’t get the beautiful photo Jason got. It was a lovely drive however as it was nearing dark and I would come around a corner and there would be a bush just glowing in the sunset, or the tops of the tamarack trees would be lit up.

Mt Adams viewed from the west
A young man in a truck going past stopped to tell me he could see lots of goats on the rocks, but I didn’t have binoculars.
This tree looked like it was on fire but the photo doesn’t do justice.

On a different note: We share a one-wheel with Jason’s family. They have had it all summer and I am pleased to see Sam and Sophie using it. The one-wheel is back at my house now but it has been too rainy outside to use.

We very much enjoyed having company. It is always fun eating together as a family. We went to visit grandpa and the kids all loved riding around on a quad grandpa now has there.

You can’t beat home made lasagna and garlic bread for a family dinner, in my opinion.
Oh boy, here we go !

Kids, when they know I’m taking a photo ???
Dennis two days before his spine surgery
Teagan does her thing
Sophie takes Teagan for a ride
Sam takes the lead
Latah takes a speedy ride with Papa

I have been busy doing some winterizing around the house, from preparing gardens to putting up decorations. The vine maple seen out my kitchen window has recently taken on color and is amazing when the sun hits it just right. We have had so much rain lately there haven’t been many bright moments.

I put the tall plant in four years ago and this year it went crazy
Jeannette gave me bags of alpaca poop that I worked into this small flower garden
I always try to put up a corn stock this time of the year
I like natural Autumn decorations
Halloween decorations are a must

Last year for the first time I put plastic over the summer room doors and the patio door in the basement that has the cat door addition. It made a difference in keeping the house warmer so I did it again this year. Little things like that help with the heating bill. The summer room isn’t insulated so makes a great walk in refrigerator in Autumn and Winter. The doors are cheap and let in lots of cold air.

It is rainy and overcast so the vine maple isn’t glowing today