Sophie and Sam, my grandchildren, did not have school last Friday or this Monday. Jason and Jeannette decided to take advantage of the situation and head out for a family adventure. They wanted variety so came my way for adventures of ice and fire. The best part is that I was invited to join them. Off we went to do a bit of snowshoeing near Mt Adams. Leaving Atkinsons Snow park west of Trout Lake we head toward Guler Ice Cave with our trusty GPS in hand. The day was perfect with promises of snow and low winds.

Gearing up
Off we went.
Leaving the groomed trail behind we head into the forest.
We arrived at the cave
Jeannette made her way down the snow and ice covered stairs
Inside the cave was coated with a layer of ice making it too dangerous to explore
Jeannette making her way back out of the cave. I found going down was more difficult than coming back out, for me anyway..

About the time we reached the cave it started to snow. The plan was to go through the cave and come out a different entrance. Inside the cave was covered with a layer of ice making it to dangerous to go through. It was time to move on. The snow was coming down pretty heavy by that time. It was decided Jason would push on to the Natural Bridges while the rest of us returned to the car to warm up and get a hot drink in Trout Lake until it was time to go back and pick up Jason.

One of two natural lava rock bridges
Bigfoot perhaps !
The second natural bridge with a fallen snow covered log in front of it.

Jason said he very much enjoyed his lone adventure to the natural rock bridges. We all enjoyed our ice adventure. The following day we head east to Horse Thief Butte, a place formed by thousands of years of volcanic fire and lava flows. I have been there many times and never seem to tire of going again.

If you are interested view Jason’s “Average Guy Photography,” site: