Are We Having Fun Yet

Since Teagan and Latah spent Christmas with their maternal family Jeannette and I chose a random time to get the cousins together for a gift exchange amongst them. So, one nondescript Sunday afternoon, Jeannette, the four cousins, and myself met at a hotel in Gresham, OR, the halfway point between us, for an overnight adventure of playing in the pool, enjoying the hot tub, and each other’s company. I, for one, had a great time and loved watching the kids interact and exchange gifts.

We had the pool to ourselves the entire time.
We all fit in the hot tub
Jeannette is learning to play Pitch.
Cribbage was the game of choice, however.
Latah and Teags love their new pillows.
Sam was guessing at what his gifts would be.
Teagan and Latah were nervous to see if Sophie liked her gifts.
The kids thought about their responses when playing one of the new games Sophie received. They laughed a lot and seemed to enjoy the games.
Sam brought his wall projector from home with a variety of movies to watch.
Well, that was cozy !

Other than breakfast that was served at the hotel we ate out. Of course we had snacks for the kids in our rooms. We weren’t able to get connecting rooms but the rooms we had were side by side and it worked out well. There was no school on Monday, being MLK Day. We had the pool and hot tub to ourselves the entire time which was nice. All too soon it was time to go home.

Sam chose Subway as the place to go for lunch.

Yesterday Kathy and I walked the Klickitat River Trail from Lyle to high bridge. The fresh air and sunshine felt so good as did walking with Kathy again. In the recent past Kathy wasn’t able to go hiking due to horrendous Sciatica pain. She under went surgery where they enlarged the space in which her spinal cord runs and she got instant relief. Tadaa, we are back in business. Kathy, her two daughters, and husband moved to White Salmon years ago when Ed became manager of Spring Creek Hatchery. I first met Kathy and the girls at St Joseph’s and then later Kathy became a fellow teacher at the same level I was teaching. We have been friends for many, many years.

The Lower Klickatat River
A small creek running into the Klickitat River. It is at this small creek that I have seen herons resting a number of times before.
This narrow shoot of river is frightening to look at.
The Indians have fishing scaffolds attached to the rocks.
A grey heron
The heron photos are not my own.

Eagles and grey herons can often be seen in this area. I saw one eagle perched in a tree across the river and a pair of grey herons flying over head. They then landed across the river. Herons are amazingly large. I have seen them here before.

After the river walk we stopped at Lyle Country Cafe for lunch. The place was packed with customers, young men, a crew of some sort having lunch. I enjoy mom and pop places and I was not disappointed with the Country Cafe. I ordered their special of the day, mashed potatoes, gravy, and meatloaf. What a fun day. Thank you Kathy for inviting me to join you.

Lyle Country Cafe
The inside was country cute


Rosemary enjoying her Tiramisu and beating me at Cribbage.

Jason showing us the new sweater Jeannette recently knit for him. You are looking good Jason.