Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing Gold Can Stay

                   Robert Frost

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

This is an amazing time of the year where for a few weeks I am living in a golden world. Some years the vine maple is exceptionally colorful. This year the regular maples are the exception. There are lots of maples intermingled with the firs around my house and when the sun breaks through the clouds the forest glows. Soon it will be over and then the dark of winter is not far off. A number of people I know scurry to the southwest this time of the year and yet it is the change of seasons that I love and wouldn’t want to miss it.

View from my kitchen window

Here we are at Halloween time of the year. With all the depressing situations in the world today, it warms my heart to see many people excited about Halloween, the just for fun holiday. Latah informed me she wanted to be an angel this year and asked if I would help her make a costume. Other than Taylor bringing a cardboard box from work for making the wings we used materials I already had around the house. In the end Latah was pleased with her costume and that satisfied me. She was very particular that the halo hover above her head and not be just placed on her head.

An angel for sure
Teach decided the remainder of Tay’s box made a great napping place

So, the scary night of nights arrived and strange photos were sent my way. Even stranger individuals invaded at my home.

Brother Mike and lady
My niece Lynn
Lynn’s husband Steve
My niece Danielle and her son Jackson
Teagan asked me to make her an eye patch
The worst gang of all. They look innocent but we all know better, except maybe for the angel.

The night past and I survived to live yet another year, hopefully. Then back to real life. Teagan and Latah played their last soccer games for the season on Saturday. Latah’s team tied 4-4 with Hood River. Teagan’s team best Goldendale 8-1. Most importantly, all the kids had a great time playing the game. At least all the ones I spoke with said they did.


Following are a few happenings. I find it funny that when Jeannette gets on the floor to rehabilitate her injured arm the cat, Button, likes to participate. My beautiful, great niece, Thea and her date enjoyed their Homecoming dance.

That stinker, Button
Jeremy and Steph’s daughter and her date

Dennis sent a photo of himself and his older brother as kids. I am reading an interesting book titled, “The Last Four Things,” written by the Fr. Wade our retreat presenter. It certainly gets me thinking about priorities in life. There was a window in the rainy weather so I started cutting firewood. Once I get going I very much enjoy cutting, hauling, and chopping. I had a beautiful day working in the golden woods. The next morning I awoke and the golden period was gone. Just like that. So goes life. Enjoy the moment because all too soon it will be over.

Dennis and Erling

Getting started cutting wood is the hardest part for me. Once started I enjoy it very much.

Farewell, “Gold of Autumn”