Life is often about responsibilities. Some take this fact rather seriously while others seem to somehow have missed the learning of this concept. My brother Dennis, who is presently living with my sister Deb and her husband Rex while recuperating, seems to be of the more serious type, at least when it comes to dog sitting.

Here we are absorbed in the joy of the Easter season for another year.

Decoration at St Joseph’s of White Salmon

On Holy Thursday I developed a case of diverticulitis. I attend services that day and Good Friday as well. By Sunday I didn’t want to leave the house so for the first time in my adult life I did not make it to Easter Sunday Mass. (Bummer) Monday evening I met Kathy at Everybody’s Brewery to celebrate our birthdays which are only one day apart. We have been doing that for years. Again, bummer; because of the diverticulitis the only thing on the menu I dare eat was a few sweet potato fries. Kathy has been a great friend for years and we ladies have had many adventures; hiking, roller blading, and caving were always great fun. We laughed as now, here we are, two little old grandmas eating out.

Kathy and me in Slime Cave

The grandkids have been responsible as well doing various jobs.

Everybody’s Brewery, White Salmon
The place was packed, which surprised me for a Monday evening.

St Mary’s in Vernonia, where the Lindseth’s go to church, have a quilt fair every year as a fund raiser, so Sophie made a quilt for the fair. Also Sophie and Sam had to take their 4-H pigs to be weighed.

Teagan helped out cleaning upstairs and Latah made the Easter cookies this year. I decorated them all in blue and white.

Years ago I made chefs hats for my grandkids to wear when we were cooking up a treat. With my grandkids having grown out of the hats, Latah and I decided we would pass them on to my great niece and nephew Veronica and Lander. Soon, along with a little helper named Cookie, off went a package to Aaron and Chancie’s house. Within a few days we received photos of Veronica and Lander wearing the hats.

Recently I received a video of my Godson Owen, who is also my great nephew, son of Jeremy and Stephanie Baenen, playing a song on the piano. Owen is a freshman in college this year and for the final exam in his music theory class Owen composed and played his own music. It took a lot of responsibility of organizing available time to complete a task such as this. Presenting Owen Baenen.