I recently finished this trilogy and found it to be excellent. I highly recommend it if you enjoy historical fiction. Richter has a unique way of writing. The Awakening Land trilogy by Conrad Richter is a series of three novels that explore the lives of a white American frontier family in the Ohio Valley from the late 18th century to the middle of the 19th.

February is a strange month situated between the joy of Christmas and the renewal of Lent. It has it’s perks; Groundhog day, Valentine’s Day, and Presidents Day, plus an extra day every Leap Year. Otherwise it just lays there well into the throws of winter. For me it is a time for reading good books, working on jigsaw puzzles, and just being lazy and relaxed. I have plenty of cupboards to be cleaned and so forth but those can wait. By February I am getting fat and out of shape but reversing that can wait until spring. For now I am enjoying what winter has to offer.

BLOOMINGS: Every year February seems to be a time for plants wanting to bloom, even outside.

The Coleus plant bloomed
The Spider plant put on a new spider
My favorite, a Primrose plant outside in freezing weather is trying to bloom.

Latah and I have been working on puzzles. She and I finished two of them then I started one on my own. I was making great headway but then started a new book which consumes much of my free time. Anne Hillerman has a new book out called, Stargazer, which is the sixth book in a series of stories Anne writes continuing her father’s work after his death about the Navaho police, solving crimes on the reservations of Arizona.

My little puzzle buddy
Honors of placing the last piece
The Malt Shop
I always start with the edge pieces
The easy part is done. Now the work begins

Sophie finds February a time to relax and try new hair styles. When Sammy tries to share the family pet he is not so well received, poor guy.

Hey, Moana is my dog, in case you forgot. Give me a chance to pet her.

Mike recently sent a couple photos he took of my brother Dennis and I checking out the Wanzek hunting lodge.

February hasn’t been all fun and games. One night the furnace quit and we awoke to a cold house. I knew the furnace oil filter and air filter needed changing but had been putting that job off. Well, I could stall no longer, so got to work.

The furnace is behind there somewhere
Okay, I can do this
Selecting the right sized tools
There is the culprit that needs changing
When Emmett, an electrician friend of ours, retired he gave me a number of filters for my furnace.
Now, to reset the furnace and hope this little door starts flapping. Yeah, it’s working.
Yikes, that air filter should have been changed months ago. Shame on me.

On a different note: Taylor finds the neatest rocks of all shapes and colors and with holes in them.