DRAMA is part of everyday life and comes in all forms. It is often exciting and up lifting. It can also be negative and drag you down. Teagan and I recently attend Sophie’s school drama performance and it was definitely of the up lifting kind.

The performance put on by Bank’s High School drama class was titled, “Deck the Stage,” and consisted of six vignettes, or brief productions, based on well known Christmas Carols. Oddly enough, the only Christmas Carol I didn’t recognize was Sophie’s: “In the Bleak of Midwinter.” I had never heard that one before. Be that as it may Sophie and her acting partner did a great job. Sophie’s voice was very clear and easily heard. Their little play was called, “Still as Stone.” It was a sorrowful story with a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel. The other Carols represented were: Deck the Halls, Oh Christmas Tree, Angels We Have Heard on High, We three Kings, and The Twelve Days of Christmas. It was an enjoyable afternoon. Sophie’s other grandparents, Paul and Carolyn attend the production as well. Afterward we went to Pebble Creek for snacks and a visit. Soon Teagan and I were on our way home driving through the rainy gorge, which presented plenty of drama on its own as the headlights of the truck barely penetrated the pitch darkness.

Sophie spoke loud and clear
A sorrowful but hopeful story
Nanna’s support at intermission time
Teagan and Sam being Teagan and Sam
Sophie’s small part in one of the other plays
Sophie’s cheering section

We very much enjoyed your first drama club presentation, Sophie. It was great fun and I know your dad saw the performance yesterday and he loved it as well. Of course your mom was your total support at all times as mom’s are prone to be.

Part of a second grade class in one of the plays

Not all drama manifests as a theatrical production. Sports provide a kind of drama unique unto itself. Generally there is more drama amongst the fans than the players. I became aware of that at one of Teagan’s middle school basketball games.

A hustler
A scrabbler
Staying alert

Here is a different kind of drama. My nephew Jeremy introduced me, via the internet, to Dr Ken Libbercht. Dr Libbrecht is the world expert on snowflakes, designer of custom snowflakes, snowflake consultant for the movie Frozen, and his photos appear on postage stamps all over the world. This guy does designer snowflakes.

Building your life’s work around snowflakes is its own kind of drama.

Two guys, Magono and Lee spent time charting 80 different types of snowflakes.


Today I experienced my own bit of drama. I managed, on my own, to get a heavy futon mattress up two flights of stairs and placed under an already existing mattress located on the bedroom floor. I did not use brute force, I used engineering. I call that Personal Drama ! If my engineering was so great, why is my back sore tonight?