Here we are , ADVENT 2021 which I see as a new beginning. A time to start again to work on becoming the person God created me to be. The actual word advent means expectation, leading to a sense of hope. It is a time we are given to welcome the Lord who comes to encounter us and to verify our longing for Him. Let’s approach Christmas with an expectant hush, rather than a last-minute rush.

I find it very appropriate that just prior to Advent is Thanksgiving, that time to appreciate all the gifts in our lives; family, friends, good times, and even bad times that remind us of the real purpose of life, a chance of using our free will to work out our own salvations. We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year, first Heather prepared a wonderful meal and then we moved on to spend several days at Pebble Creek with Jason and Jeannette’s family.

Preparing the squash
Bring on the food
Momma’s kitchen helper
We are ready
Last minute preparations
Now we are talking, this is what I signed up for.
Unfortunately, Taylor entertained us on the piano
Teagan shared her renditions as well
I did a bit of preparation of my own

About 4:30 Thanksgiving Day Taylor, Teagan, Latah, and I left for Pebble Creek while Heather made her way to Trout Lake to spend time with Arife’s family. It was pouring rain as we made our way through the Columbia River Gorge. Being Thanksgiving Day there was very little traffic and we were soon at the Lindseth’s. Dennis had already arrived. We settled in to celebrate another Thanksgiving meal on Friday. It was still raining but not the downpour we experience in the gorge. Teagan and Latah brought their roller blades and almost immediately joined Sam and Sophie roller blading to music in the garage.

Dennis left home at three in the morning pulling his camper through Portland, avoiding holiday traffic.

Teagan picks up momentum
Sophie gets with the program
Sam goes breezing by
Latah tries a new move

Since it was well after dinner and the kids were hungry from their roller blading event Jeannette put out snacks and we all indulged, relaxing in the living room. Also, we were very pleased to meet a new member of the family, Annie, the Blue Heeler. She is a sweetie.

This Annie is a little over a year and still somewhat in her puppyhood

There are now two Annies on the farm, Annie the alpaca and Annie the dog, both having arrived already named.

This Annie is a curious as they come needing to know what the commotion is all about.

Friday Jeannette put on a great Thanksgiving dinner. Her parents Carolyn and Paul stopped by for a visit but did not join us for the meal as they had other commitments awaiting. It was good seeing them again.

Oops, Jeannette got to talking again
The marshmallows got a bit overdone . Not to worry, new ones replaced them.
Jason carved the turkey
Thanks Jeannette and Jason for the great dinner. Note the delicious sweet potatoes, with the marshmallow topping, on the corner of the table
Dig in folks, let the festivities begin!

….and so our Thanksgiving weekend ended saving best for last, “Time to worm the alpacas.” Since Jeannette’s arm is not ready for such activities Taylor embarked on a possible new career as an , “Alpaca wrestler.”

Which one first
How about you
This won’t take long
Nothing to get excited about
Great job Taylor! Having been thoroughly spit upon by the alpacas you are officially a member of the, “Alpaca Wrestling Club.”