A week in Middle Earth

I have gotten a lot done this past week. However, during the heat of the day I lay back on the couch and enjoyed a movie while drinking ice water. I decided to again watch the three Hobbit movies and the three Lord of the Rings, one a day for six days. Mostly it was the scenery that was pleasant to view having been filmed on the southern New Zealand Island. I have not watched them in their entirety since they came out in movie theaters years ago. Having read the books several times each, I don’t compare the books with the movies enjoying them as two different entities.

Bilbo Baggins
Did those nasty people leave
Orc leaders
Ring Wraiths

On a different Note: I am happy to report Teagan and Latah are home again. They both had a wonderful time with their east coast family and have been telling me about their many adventures. Both girls are now involved with soccer. Teagan has daily doubles at 7:00am and 7:00pm five days a week for the next two weeks. Latah meets for practice twice a week.

Teagan leaving as the sun first appeared
Latah after her first soccer practice

I finally got around to cleaning the garage. I put up six hooks for the girls to put their many jackets and school backpacks. They can put their shoes there as well so we aren’t stumbling over stuff in the kitchen hall. Putting up the hooks was an interesting job as I have only one power tool, an electric drill. Otherwise I have to do things the old fashion way with a hand saw, screw drivers, and a hammer. Finding the wall studs was a project in itself as I don’t have that little gizmo to find them for me. I was a fun project.

This is the cleanest my garage has ever been
We started using the hooks immediately

II accidentally punched a hole in the kitchen window screen trying to get it off the frame so I could let a newly hatched yellow jacket escape out the window as I saw it trying to find a way out. The screen wouldn’t come out for some reason. So that had to be mended.

Three hispanic girls celebrated quinceaƱera, the traditional coming-of-age celebration on the girl’s 15th birthdays, highlighting God, family, friends, music, food and dance. St Joseph’s was decorated for the occasion.

The church was filled with beautiful sunflowers that lifted my spirits.

News Flash: Sophie’s gone country.

Sophie and Jason recently attend the Hillsboro Airshow and had a great time. Not long before Jason and Sam had gone on a guys only camp trip.

Sam has been my quiet corner lately. He is a man of many projects. Jason on the other hand has me a bit worried. I thought I was being a bit weird watching orcs but I don’t know about Jason.