Family & Friends

Jeannette brought Sophie and Sam over to spend a few days with us now that Latah and Teagan are home. They arrived Wednesday evening and left Saturday after five o’clock Mass. Swimming at Horse Thief Lake seemed to be entertaining for the kids in spite of the fact the wind was on a howl.

One day we went to the Discovery Center at The Dalles. At the end of the school year Latah’s class went there on a field trip. Latah had signed the guest book and it was exciting this time finding her name in the book. Latah and Sophie tackled wooden puzzles at the activity center while Teagan and Sam took the challenge of balancing a pirogue such as Lewis and Clark used on their adventure. If the pirogue was off balance it fell over on its side.

My favorite attraction was the bird lady’s presentation about red tailed hawks. She had a live hawk there which caught our attention. They are beautiful birds. I see them flying around my house from time to time but they don’t seem to stay for long. I found out these hawks don’t live in wooded areas but they do pass through and may spend a bit of time. Their natural habitat is more in the open areas and grass lands.

I was particularly proud of Teagan who had a number of sensible question to ask. All the kids were very attentive.

Jeannette coming through the marmot cave

We played badminton from time to time.

Sam and Latah taking on Teags and Sophie

One evening Dennis joined us for a cashew chicken dinner.

For dessert we had root beer floats with maple nut ice cream, my favorite float these past number of years.

Sometimes we just hung out eating, playing games on the devices, walking in the woods and so forth.

Thursday evening I was invited to join the Samuelson’s in celebrating Rosemary’s birthday. I very much enjoyed the company, the Chinese dinner, and the Chocolate birthday cake. Chris was not able to be there but he joined is on the computer. Happy Birthday Rosemary, may your new year be a blessed one with peace and continued great health.

The final days of August have been good ones with four more to go and Fall is definitely in the air.

Last, but certainly not least, Saturday was Jason and Jeannette’s 17th wedding anniversary. They are the happiest when they are off on an adventure of some sort with the family.

Happy Anniversary Jason and Jeannette

On top of Sleeping Beauty with Mt Adams in the background