One day it occurred to me that of my four grandchildren Sam is the only one who has never flown in a commercial airplane. Then and there I decided I must do something about that. Soon after, the arrangements were made. Sam and I were flying Frontier to Las Vegas. We would be staying with our long time friend Chris Samuelson who owns a beautiful home and away we went. The day before our flight I drove to get Sam. Let’s start from the beginning. First I stopped to get new shoes as the bottom fell out of the old ones. Arriving at Pebble Creek I checked things out to see any changes since my last time there.

My new shoes are identical to the ones that wore out
The 4-H pigs are huge compared to the last time I saw them
The alpacas ran over to greet me, as always, Anne in the lead
Sam’s club house now has a slanted roof Instead of a flat one
An entire addition has been added to the back
Finding everything in order at Pebble Creek it was time for a nap in the hammock

Early the following morning Jason took Sam and me to the airport before going to work. Let our adventure begin. As usual my bag got checked and I was padded down. That often happens. Why, do I look threatening in any way? Once I asked and was told it was because of the way I walk and carry myself. It looks like I may be packing a gun. I told them I walk that way because I have arthritis in my neck, which is true. On the return flight I wasn’t checked.

As is typical, our flight was delayed for whatever reason so we had time to kill. We purchased a deck of cards and played Cribbage. We walked the moving walkways. We bought a bit of breakfast. We enjoyed the many art displays around the airport, and then it was time to load up our flight.

Soon our wait was over and away we went to get on board.

My favorite art display
Heading back to our gate
There’s our plane, lets go
Sam checks in
Down the corridor
We laughed at the size of the seating tables
Welcome to Las Vegas airport. Las Vegas, by the way, means “the Meadows”

Chris was at the airport and we made straight way to his house. He lives about 20 miles west of the strip. Sam and I both love his house.

One of my favorite features is the shuttered windows which make the house feel secure and cozy. Notice them in the photo below of Chris in the kitchen.

All the windows have shutters that when closed make the house seem cooler.

Another feature we really like is that the patio is on the roof. We went up to watch storms coming in and to view the super moon through a huge telescope Chris has. The views of the surround city are great from up there. The swimming pool is just a few blocks away. We went over there and the guys swam but I just rested in the shade.

Chris cooks delicious meals and we enjoyed a bit of wine. I enjoyed seeing the real life of Las Vegas beyond the strip. We spent time outdoors as well but those adventures are for another entry. Temperatures were over 100 degrees so timing was important.

Sometimes we just stayed home during the heat of the day. We watched movies on a huge wall screen. One movie was even in 3-D. We watched the latest Nicolas Cage where he plays himself in the movie. It was entertaining. Sam and I played cards and sometimes I napped.