Trees shedding their leaves is part of a strategy to survive harsh weather conditions. Most deciduous trees display broad leaves that can be damaged with cold or dry weather. Dropping its leaves helps a tree conserve water and energy. This helps the tree focus its energy on root growth. After trees shed their leaves it is much easier for pollen to be carried by the wind and reach more trees in the spring.  Also, dropping their leaves creates a layer of mulch that covers the surface of the growing environment, which insulates the soil and keeps it moist.

Four times in my life I have witnessed the trees dropping their leaves all at once. Just by chance I was amongst the trees when their leaves fell. It was amazing, like the trees received a memo, “Drop your leaves everyone.” The first time I was sitting amongst some oaks writing a letter, when all at once all the trees dropped their leaves. It was so magical I started to cry. Here where I live now, there are maple trees instead of oaks, three times, when walking through the forest, all at once the leaves all fell and the air turned golden and then the floor of the forest. It was so beautiful and so unexpected, again I started to cry. Such a feeling of peace and joy overwhelmed me I felt uplifted all day. I think Mother Nature has a sense of humor at times as she prepares for the change of season.

As for people, we were all busy with Thanksgiving preparations. Our feast was to take place at Pebble Creek and my contribution was to prepare the pies. Dennis was there. Taylor and the girls joined us as did Jeannette’s family Paul, Carolyn, and Lisa Anderson. We had a great time. At one point Jason took family photos. Tay and Latah were engaged elsewhere. After dinner Jason built a little bon-fire. That kept us warm when outside.

Pumpkin, key-lime, Dutch caramel apple
Jeannette made a delicious butternut squash dish
Jason cut the turkey
Actually it was a perfect day for burning slash
Cooper, Jason’s first dog, is buried not far from the bon-fire.
Maui, the most recently deceased dog, is near there also.
Nanna and Papa
A couple drama queens
Sisters !!
Sam cooperated for one photo
Me and Jase

Taylor was fast asleep on the couch and Latah was involved in a computer game with Sam and didn’t want to come to the photo shoot. The following day Jeannette, Sophie, and Teagan head out for Black Friday shopping. Sam and Latah wanted to hit the Goodwill store before Sam had to go to his job as stable boy at one of the local horse stables. Sam cleans stall for an hour every Friday. Sam purchased a few toys at Goodwill and Latah found a mermaid cuddle blanket she liked. Then we were off to the stable. Before I knew it I was back home again with the memories of a wonderful Thanksgiving flitting thought my head. Thank you everyone who contributed to another wonderful family holiday.

The mermaid blanket
Latah meets the horses
Not the best job in the world but everybody has to start somewhere !
Any job that needs doing is worth doing, so give it your best effort !

One last thing, I want to share this delightful ceramic container Sophie made for her mom in art class. It is a cute as can be and a wee bit weird. I love it.