Sixteen Coaches Long

A couple days after Jeremy and I returned from our John Day Fossil Bed’s adventure I boarded the Amtrak train and headed east. I was surprised at how full the train was of passengers, people finding the train cheaper than driving their vehicles with the high price of gas. The train I take comes out of Portland but we hook on to the train coming from Seattle at Spokane and the length triples. I noticed the railroad company is investing money in renovating the train stations so they must suspect the rush is on and will maintain itself. Both Bingen and Devil’s Lake stations are under construction. There sure is beautiful scenery to be enjoyed along the way.

Deb, Rex, and my brother Dennis collected me at Devil’s Lake so I spent my first few days with them.

Their house looked so cute with the beautiful flower gardens. Deb seems to have a way with flowers. I was able to go over and see my brother Dennis’s new apartment. I had a great time playing cards, watching movies, and eating great food out on the deck. One evening we watched my nephew Josh’s daughter Addy play softball. Addie had 14 braids in her hair. Her sister Avery came over so I was at least able to spend a little time with her. I had hoped to see more of my niece Anita but maybe next time.

It is amazing how fast all these kids are growing up and it warms my heart to see them doing so well. Perhaps we will have a better world some day. They give me hope.

Thank you Deb, Rex, and Dennis for the fun time we had. I especially enjoyed playing games of Pitch into the night. The guys took on us ladies and in the end the scores were pretty close.

I started playing cards as a young girl and have loved playing ever since.

Before I knew it the time had come to move to Hidden Lodge near Windsor. My great nephews Jordan and Ryan have built a hunting lodge and are very generous sharing it with family when it is not booked by customers. Since I have shared the lodge in other entries I will not go into details again but it is a great gathering place. Thank you Ryan and Jordan.