I want to begin this entry in honor of Tom Doyle who, just this week, lost his fight against cancer and went home to his eternal rest. Tom lived with his wife Jan in Vermont. I did not know him well enough to tell of his life’s journey but I do know he is dearly loved by his granddaughters Teagan and Latah. Nearly every summer these girls spend time in Vermont with Mimi and Poppi Tom and often during that time the Doyle family will vacation at Cape Cod. Latah and Teagan love their grandparents and throughout the year talk about the fun they have together. Latah loved when Poppi Tom fed the chickens as he made the girls laugh. Teagan said she loved him because she felt he really understood her and she liked being around him. Tom will live on in the hearts of his grandchildren for the rest of their lives. Farewell Tom, you are well loved and will not be forgotten.

Tom as a young man
Tom Doyle better known as, “Poppi Tom”to his grandchildren, Teagan, Saben, and Latah
Tom and Jan, (PoppiTom & Mimi)


are not forever,

are not the end:

They simply mean

We will miss you

until we meet again.

Here we are, a month into winter. My truck which was stranded in the snow is finally back in the garage but my road continues to be blocked with deep snow. Heather is still in Vermont where she was able to spend time with her father until the end. In the mean time the girls have been with Taylor and me at my house. We are keeping busy as best we can with lots of cooking and cleaning these past weeks.

Pita bread, a favorite
I shared with Taylor

Wednesday night we made individual pizzas for dinner. Caramel rolls are great in winter. If you want the best caramel rolls ever, go visit my sister Donna.

One day Latah cleaned out a cupboard in the laundry room. She found a long turquoise scarf I have had for years and decided to try it on as a dress. Of course this is grandma speaking, but, “She looked so cute we decided to play, “Model and Photographer.”

At times I wish they could keep the innocence of this age forever

Taylor decided he wants to sleep in the unfinished basement as he likes it there. Also, that frees up a bedroom for Teagan to have her own space. I partitioned a little area by covering the ceiling to catch dust and created a fabric wall. Teagan and Latah love to be with Tay when he is working on one of his art projects in the workshop he has created down there.

The unfinished ceiling
Plastic to catch the dust and bugs
One day we will paint the concrete wall

It seems there is always something that needs to be fixed such as my reading glasses that were broken again. I also noticed the garage lights needed to be cleaned of dead insects and a couple bulbs replaced.

The glasses were cracked when a heavy backpack was dropped on them
If I want to get my truck out of here I need to get my trusty shovel and continue working
Sometimes Taylor drives Teagan to meet her friends
The other night they went to see the new Spiderman movie

This past week Latah did not go to school. Nine of her thirteen classmates have covid so she has been doing school work here at home. Yesterday I took her to be tested and she tested negative so today she will attend. I also took her to the health department to get her second vaccine. She was a trooper. One day she removed all the objects in the display cupboard and dusted everything.

Thank you Latah for cleaning and replacing the items in the display cupboard. It looks so much better.

Latah and I enjoy a cup of hot cocoa

Welcome Vivian Marie Bye, our newest clan member. Vivy is Terry’s granddaughter and Donna’s latest great grandchild who arrived just two days ago.